About EBS

Evidence-Based Services is a consulting company within the field of community-based, evidence-based programs for at-risk youth and families.


Evidence-Based Services Inc's mission is to disseminate evidence-based treatments, such as Multisystemic Therapy-Substance Abuse (MST-SA; a treatment that includes MST and Contingency Management) for adolescent substance abusers and Standard MST for adolescents with conduct related problems.

EBS is one of a select few companies helping businesses implement the widely recognized multisystemic therapy (MST) program. Because of the company's knowledge of and experience with MST, we are able to work with providers to attain better outcomes.

EBS maintains its corporate headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina and originated in 2006. As the research surrounding the MST model evolved and became established, the demand grew from youth-serving agencies desiring to offer traditional MST, as well as specialized adaptations of the model such as MST for Substance Abuse (MST-SA), within their communities. The principals of EBS are faculty members at the Medical University of South Carolina, where the majority of research for MST was conducted and have been instrumental in the development of the MST treatment model.

Over the years, EBS has grown solely through referrals and out of necessity from providers needing guidance on how best to implement programs like MST and more specifically, MST-SA. The EBS team uses its expertise and knowledge of evidence-based programs to ensure providers experience success when offering evidence-based programs to youth and families. It is our mission that we keep hope alive for these kids and their families through our expertise and knowledge. We are able to help providers turn lives around.


  • EBS is the leading consulting agency for organizations implementing MST-Substance Abuse.
  • EBS's principals are the original developers of the MST-Substance Abuse program.
  • EBS is a certified minority-owned business.
  • EBS is endorsed by national agencies. We work with the best of the best.


EBS are pros. Our team has been working in the evidence-based practice field before evidence-based became recognized by many. Our principals are the inventors. They are the brains behind some of the strongest research backing proven programs. They know what makes these programs work and they know how to ensure providers get it right when it comes to implementation, monitoring and sustainability.